As if we ever expected anything less from the ethereal, world-creating Lana Del Rey, the singer confirmed in an interview with NME published earlier today (July 25) that a theory circulated by fans about her album artwork is absolutely correct. (Savor this moment, since it's one of the only times anything called a "conspiracy theory" will be outed as fact and not have the fact be as devastating as foreign involvement in U.S. politics.)

Fans had been speculating across the internet since the release of the Lust for Life artwork that there was a connection across the images for Lana's four studio albums.

Of course Reddit, known source for the wildest of conspiracies, had plenty to say on the notion of a through-line. Users speculated that the vast difference between especially the covers for Born to Die and Lust for Life reflected a real shift for the singer. User the-other-world wrote "I am loving the dramatic difference in the Lust for Life cover. I also love the further contrasts between the Born to Die cover and the Lust for Life cover. Lana is a true artist. I'm pretty convinced that she set out to do that."

Her answer to NME's probe about the theory were straightforward.

“That truck [on the cover of ‘Lust For Life’] is the same make and model as ‘Born To Die,'" she said. "The Mercedes [on the cover of ‘Ultraviolence’] is my own. Being on the road or having a destination was a big part of the songs ... I like having a narrative in a track listing, and continuity with a discography. It’s a growth story.”

It's not the first time that Lana has confirmed rumors about herself. Shortly before Lust for Life's release, she said in an interview with PItchfork that the tabloid rumors surrounding her maybe-relationship with rapper G-Eazy probably held merit. “They’re usually true. Maybe where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

Maybe Lana's less mysterious than all her beautifully breathy vocals and admissions of witchcraft suggest, or maybe women as a whole aren't as mysterious as we keep insisting they are, and artists do put a considerable amount of work into their careers over the span of time. Who's to say?


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