Two years ago, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 in Super Bowl XLIX. Now, Macklemore, who's a Washington native and a longtime Seahawks fan, exacts his revenge in the form of his "Marmalade" music video. Marshawn Lynch, who played running back for the Seahawks during that ill-fated Super Bowl run, comes along for the ride. Check it out for yourself below.

In the elaborate new visual for the track, a bubblegum trap song featuring Lil Yachty, two kids appearing to be Macklemore and Lil Yachty's children take the earnest West Coast rapper's whip for a spin. It might look like a carefree cruise, but in actuality, they're using it to infiltrate the practice facility of Brady and the Patriots.

As they enter the locker room, you can see two members of the squad deflating a pair of footballs, making an obvious reference to Deflategate, a controversy that surfaced after Brady and the Pats already won the Super Bowl in 2015. Around that time, it was alleged that Brady and the Patriots had been deflating footballs to his specifications before games. Brady was eventually suspended for four games during the 2015-2016 NFL season. Still, it looks like that wasn't enough for Macklemore.

Back to the video, the boy appearing to be Macklemore's son uses his small size and the limberness of a preteen to their fullest effect as he crawls into the Pats' locker room undetected, snatching Brady's jersey without anyone noticing.

From there, Yachty and Macklemore's sons travel to Lynch's crib to deliver the merchandise, and he let's them use his house for a pool party. Like we said, pretty elaborate.

The new visual stars Mitchell Savitsky and Dre'moni Watts playing Macklemore and Yachty's mini-me's, and it was directed by Jason Koenig and Macklemore himself, who just survived a car accident with an alleged drunk driver yesterday (Aug. 1).

Check out the "Marmalade" video below.

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