Megan Thee Stallion released a new song and visual for her collaboration "Wap" with Cardi B last night. Shortly after the track was made available online, Megan went on Instagram Live to interact with her fans and shared more details about June's shooting incident, which ended with her being shot in her feet.

Around 1 a.m. this morning (Aug. 7), the Houston native accepted questions from her IG followers, to which one person asked, "What did you feel after getting shot?"

The Suga rapper replied that she felt a number of emotions following the ordeal. "I felt like, really crazy," she began. "I felt like, why did I get shot? What did I do? It was insane. The shit was crazy. And I feel like, some people think that it's funny, and I feel like some people think that it's a joke, and I feel like some people think that they're saying it to get to me."

Megan goes on to say that while she isn't ashamed of what happened to her, she also felt betrayed. "But, I'm not ashamed of who I am, I'm not ashamed of what I've been through and I'm not scared to say anything about anything," she continued. "It's not fun, bitch. I don't understand. I just felt very betrayed by a friend. I felt very betrayed by all my friends. I felt very shocked. I felt very scared."

She didn't mention any names during this portion of her IG Live, but it was confirmed that Megan Thee Stallion was with Tory Lanez and an unnamed woman on June 12, the night of the shooting. The woman is assumed to be Megan's best friend, Kelsey Nicole, who also spoke on social media and denied shooting the rapper following the incident. Kelsey said she wasn't the person with the gun in a now-deleted IG post.

It is still unclear who shot Megan, but shortly after the shooting transpired, Tory was arrested and booked at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for carrying a concealed weapon in a car. The three individuals, including Tory and Megan, were riding in a chauffeur-driven SUV at the time.

Reports claim that Megan and Tory got into an argument and gunshots were fired as Megan was trying to leave the SUV, but these details have not been confirmed either. Reports have also alleged that the Toronto artist shot Megan.

Tory has remained mum following the incident and according to his team, he is currently self-quarantining with his family in Florida.

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