When Migos were interviewed by Rolling Stone a couple months ago, they were asked what they thought about fellow Atlanta artist iLoveMakonnen coming out as gay. Many found their comments to be unsavory, and they quickly issued an apology.

Now, in a recent interview with TMZ, the ATL trio says their words were twisted by the media.

When asked about the backlash, Offset says, “Choose your route. Be yourself. It’s cool to be yourself."

“We make good music together. We done made music with Makonnen, Frank Ocean… We all make great music,” says Quavo. “The way they did it, that wasn't real. A lot of people twist your words up. Ain’t no hard feelings." Takeoff adds, "They blew it out of proportion" and Offset offers, "You know how they twist your terms."

The interviewer then asked if the group would be willing to perform at a gay club with Makonnen. Offset seems unsure, saying, "Nah. Salute everybody who choose their route. I just ain't gon' do that."

"If the club paying the same that they're paying for the Migos to perform, I'll pull up," says Quavo, as Takeoff asks, "The bag long enough?"

Peep the clip below and watch their new video for "What The Price" if you missed it.

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