The beef between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy is starting to make pigs fly right before our eyes. While Floyd Mayweather is currently working on training Soulja for the upcoming Dubai fight between the two artists, Mike Tyson has been recruited to train Breezy. Not only is the boxing legend taking the training aspect seriously, but he seems to be taking the beef aspect of the fight seriously too.

While Soulja Boy has made it clear that he's not here for Tyson because of his ties with Breezy, Mike went ahead and created a diss track against the rapper, "If You Show Up," followed by a music video.

Now, to add fuel to the fire, making the diss might have inspired Mike to pick up a rhyming addiction, as he is reportedly in the studio working on a debut rap album. Tyson confirmed the new album with HipHopDX during an interview.

“Damn right, we’re going to put some more singles out there and put a compilation together," he said. "Why not? I’m saying it out of my mouth. I sold 150 million albums and got a Grammy — and been nominated seven times. Mike is coming for real and I’m happy about it.”

Apparently Tyson has been working with Damon Elliott in the studio, and the two have already come up with a few tracks together. We're not sure when we can expect an album release, but we can assume we'll only be hearing more leading up to the fight in Dubai.


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