Twerking and tongue-thrusts aren't even the half of it — Miley Cyrus has spent a career shaking up the!

The "Malibu" singer, whose latest single is surprisingly understated, has nevertheless left a wake of controversy across her career, which has included five albums, a slew of films and instinct to shout "Eat my p----!" to crowds at concert halls. Maya Angelou could never!!!

Yes, Miley Live is — more often than not — a lewd, profanity-painted spectacle, and her fans typically love her for it. That provocative 2013 MTV Video Music Awards performance? Poetry to her followers. Miming masturbation with a cannon? Par for the course where the Miley-devout are concerned.

Whether Miley continues starting fires in her next era, or decides to play it cool for a little while, we'll always be satisfied we spent at least a little time going nuts alongside her. Look back at Miley's most shocking live moments above, and tell us if you've got a particular favorite (or you know, a particular non-favorite).

Truly Shocking Celeb Stage Costumes:

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