So you might have heard me griping on the air. Thursday when I was moving aside for Christine to slide in the computer took a crap on us!

At first it froze up... so we did the 'ol, 'Control, Alt, Delete' trick to restart the computer.

Of course when it came back up we knew it was a deeper issue so we called the engineer.

When he says "Uh, oh" you know it's not good.


Needless to say, Ricki told us he needed to "order a part" and could fix it on Monday.

In the meantime, we've been doing our shows from a make-shift studio in another part of the building. It's not as big, there's no window and it has a weird leather smell... but it will have to do.

Tomorrow we should be back to the real Y105 studio (thank goodness) and will have another chance for you to win with "Toaster Trivia."

I hope your week is off to a smoother start than mine!

Have a great day

Chris Farber - Y105

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