YoungBoy Never Broke Again has been dropping new music leading up to the release of his new mixtape, set to arrive later this week. A second song has been delivered and it looks like YoungBoy could be taking aim at NLE Choppa on the record.

On Tuesday (Jan. 18), NBA YoungBoy, who is currently on house arrest in Utah as he awaits trial for federal gun charges, released a new track titled "Know Like I Know." On this song, fans feel there are quite a few subliminal disses towards NLE—especially on the first verse—which many have surmised that the lyrics are in reference to the Memphis rhymer agreeing with Lil Reese about YB's joint "Bring The Hook," which appeared to be about King Von's death and also name-dropped Von's Chicago neighborhood, O-Block.

"I bet your mama be destroyed/When we send your stupid ass to God/For makin' statements, choosing sides/About my beef with them lil' boys/I could say I saw it, you could say I was your favorite/Better stay up in your place, bitch/Fuck around and get your face split any day," YoungBoy raps.

Last week, shortly after "Bring The Hook" was released, Lil Reese—collaborator of Von's and Lil Durk's, who is the head of Only The Family (OFT), the label Von was signed to before his passing—commented on the track, saying that YoungBoy was "just rapping like the rest of these rappers all rap." NLE Choppa agreed with Reese, replying, "I stamp that."

The YB song, in which he says, "Nigga, this is Squid Game, O-Block pound get rolled up/Murder what they told us/Atlanta boy get fold up/Nigga get your hoes up, these bitches throwin’ up green flags/Throwin’ that NBA up, for me, set you up to bust your ass/And know I keep that murder bag," caught Durk and King Von's sister's attention as well. So much that they both appeared to respond to the song via social media.

On NBA YoungBoy's latest release, he also seemingly took jabs at NLE Choppa's herbal lifestyle. "I don't give a fuck ’bout how you treat your body, give a fuck about your cleaning," he aggressively spits.

Choppa has openly spoken about healthy living and encourages natural cures for illness. The former 2020 XXL Freshman claimed to have cured someone of cancer and also says he has a natural alternative for women seeking Brazilian butt lifts.

Later on in the track, YB appears to mention his ex-girlfriend Yung Blasian, whom NLE reportedly dated a couple of years after YoungBoy and Blasian parted ways.

Fans have weighed in on the song, with one person tweeting, "Bro Wen I heard Yb New Song TD Iknew he was talkn abt @Nlechoppa1 Yb Said sum¨ Idgaf abt how you treat yo body¨ n he said ¨ask blasian abt me¨ im weak asf #NBAYOUNGBOY #knowlikeiknow."

Another person typed, "NBA YoungBoy talking bout sending NLE Choppa to God," adding a thinking face emoji.

A third Twitter user had a difference stance on the song, writing, "i don’t think nba youngboy dissin @Nlechoppa1, i just think he’s telling him to stay out of shit that ain’t got nothing to do with him because it’s not gonna be a good outcome. he’s telling him to date whoever he wants including his exs he doesn’t care it’s just not bro code."

This all comes days after NLE Choppa was confronted by someone who claimed to be an NBA YoungBoy fan while walking through the airport. The confrontation quickly escalated to a physical altercation.

Nonetheless, the cause of the rift between the two artists is unclear.

At one point, Choppa said that the Baton Rouge, La. native was his favorite rapper. However, things appear to have shifted because back in 2019, NLE, who also claimed at a time that he was signed to YB, went off on a fan for comparing him to NBA YoungBoy. But shortly after, Choppa flipped YB's record "FREEDDAWG" and made his own called "Free Youngboy."

NLE Choppa did a radio interview that same year, stating that he doesn't know nor does he speak to NBA YoungBoy.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again's "Know Like I Know" and "Bring The Hook" are likely to appear on his mixtape Colors due out on Friday (Jan. 21).

Check out NBA YoungBoy's new song, "Know Like I Know," below.

See more reactions to people thinking YB's new song is a diss to NLE Choppa below.

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