Nicki Minaj has been stepping up her feature output in recent weeks, jumping on Jason Derulo’s “Swalla” and teaming up with Gucci Mane for “Make Love.” There is a growing notion online that some of Nicki’s new bars are intended as disses for Remy Ma.

On Phresher’s “Wait a Minute” remix, Remy rapped “Get rid of those fake breasts/And put a vest on this bitch chest” and “That ghostwriter bout to call her/That lifeline getting shorter,” leading some to believe that she was targeting Nicki. Remy later said she doesn’t do subliminals. “Whenever I’ve had a problem with any female in the entire game, I will say your name. I am going to say your government,” she said.

Regardless, things could already be set off between the two, Nicki rapping on “Swalla,” "I gave these bitches two years, now your time's up/Bless her heart, she throwing shots but every line sucks.”

What’s more, Nicki’s entire verse on “Make Love” could read as a warning to any and all challengers, Nicki rapping, “I'm the iPhone, you the Nokia/Everybody know you jealous, bitch it's so clear.” A few lines in particular seem to reference Remy specifically, such as , “Oooohhh, oh you the qu-e-e-the queen of this here?/One platinum plaque, album flopped, bitch, where?" Remy and Fat Joe’s “All the Way Up” was certified platinum last August.

Check the gallery below to see how some are interpreting the new Nicki verses.

Twitter Thinks Nicki Minaj Is Dissing Remy Ma on "Make Love" and "Swalla"

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