Offset owes nearly $1 million for a misplaced Bentley truck.

According to court documents obtained by XXL on Monday (Nov. 8), the Migos member has been hit with a default judgment from the Superior Court of California, City of Los Angeles in the amount of $950,027.35 for a Bentley Bentayga he rented back in 2020, but has failed to return.

Back in February of this year, Los Angeles-based Platinum Transportation Group filed a lawsuit against ’Set, born Kiari Cephus, for Breach of Rental Contract, Breach of Bailment Contract, Civil Damages for Theft, Conversion, Negligence and Good and Services Delivered over the 2020 luxury vehicle that Offset rented last spring.

According to a report from TMZ earlier this year, the Atlanta rapper had a contract for the rental for a couple of days last May at a rate of just under $600 per day. The rental period was consistently extended until late July of 2020. But apparently, Offset didn't have the car in his possession and was uncertain about where the vehicle actually was.

The rental car company also claims that Offset stopped making payments on the rental after July 22, 2020, although he never returned the Bentley. He allegedly refused to continue making additional payments on the car.

At the time, the company said they were owed more than $100,000 in damages. However, documents dated for Oct. 25, 2021, indicate that in the complaint filed by Platinum Transportation Group, Offset has to cough up $934,668.32 with $14,435.13 in added interest and an additional costs of $923.90, totaling $950,027.35. It's unclear what the $923.90 is for.

News of Offset's rental car woes comes two months after he and his wife Cardi B welcomed their second child together. Their daughter, Kulture, 3, was born in 2018.

XXL has reached out to a rep for Offset and his attorney for a comment.

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