It's been 23 years since The Parent Trap hit theaters. While Lindsay Lohan won our hearts with her endearing double-duty roles (she played both twins, Annie and Hallie, on screen), fans of the 1998 remake of Disney's beloved 1961 classic can't forget the infamous bell scene.

And it seems neither can Elaine Hendrix or Lisa Ann Walter.

The two actresses and now-close friends recently revisited their roles as superficial Meredith Blake (Hendrix) and good-natured Chessy (Walter) to remake the scene for a now-viral TikTok.

Although the bell may be bigger and Hendrix isn't draped across the lap of Dennis Quaid, who played Nick Parker in the film, the clip still hits all the same hilarious notes.

Watch below:

Since the film's release, both Hendrix and Walter have not only stayed in touch, but they have also become extremely close over the years.

"Everybody in that cast was kind and nice and," Walter told NBC's Today in 2018. "I stayed friends with [Hendrix] — obviously this one's not only my best friend, I officially adopted her as my sister."

As for working with the then-young Lohan, Walter said that she was "amazingly talented."

"But also super talented in terms of how to work a set, and really sweet. When she came in and out of the makeup room, it was always, 'Thank you so much,' and she hugged everybody. She was so grateful for the experience, and a delight to be around and really sweet and fun."

Meanwhile, Hendrix reminisced about dancing around set with Lohan, since the two had a lot of scenes together. She also recounted another iconic scene involving a lizard.

"I like to think that people want to keep some movie magic romance happening," she said. "So I always say, 'Listen, there's a real lizard. There's a toy lizard, and there's a computer lizard in that whole sequence. Go back and watch and see if you can figure it out.'"

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