Gen Z and millennial celebrities can't get enough of pearlcore. But what is pearlcore, you might ask?

Pearlcore is a micro fashion trend that's all about adding pearls to almost any fashion look. The trend sees the style savvy incorporating pearls into their everyday wardrobes, though it also goes beyond fashion into home decor and more.

The goal is to incorporate shiny, iridescent pearls in a way that seems, most of the time, subtle and/or unexpected. Delicate pearls can offset bold sartorial statements or add unexpected pops of ethereal elegance to casual outfits. (Think: accessorizing your favorite band T-shirt and ripped jeans with some glamorous freshwater strands.)

The pearl statement piece has even extended beyond jewelry, with pearls making their way into nail design and onto gown embellishments and even shoes.

While the classic pearl necklace was a staple in Old Hollywood, and was often donned at high-profile or fancy events, it's now an everyday accessory — and one of the hottest pieces for cool, young stars.

Though pearls were once a staple for a certain generation of women, men such as Machine Gun Kelly, Nick Jonas, Shawn Mendes and Troye Sivan have taken over the trend, while fashion stars such as Gigi Hadid have kept pearlcore going strong both on and off the runway.

Celebrities Wearing the Pearlcore Trend

Below, check out some of the biggest stars rocking the pearlcore trend.

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