Becoming a successful rap artist is no easy task. It requires building a career from the ground up as well as taking the bumps and bruises as invaluable learning lessons along the way. In addition to crafting quality music, the attributes attained during this period can take a rapper to the next level and open the door for them to become a boss of their own.

Some artists, like Jay-Z come into the game as a CEO or founder, while others, like Rick Ross, evolve into the role over time. Regardless the route taken, these stars are put in the position to amass a roster of talent, putting them on the recruiting trail to find the next promising prospect to follow in their footsteps and help to further bolster their brand and reputation as a mogul.

While this formula has manifested in numerous blockbuster partnerships, at times, the rap star gets shafted at the negotiation table, as the prized rook decides to take their talents elsewhere. Or perhaps the more seasoned hip-hop vet didn't think the younger artist was the right fit for the label. Lupe Fiasco, Lil Uzi Vert and Young Thug, are just a few rap stars that almost signed with another rapper they looked up to, but the moment never materialized into a working relationship.

XXL takes a trip down memory lane and highlights moments when a rapper was rumored to be signing a contract with another rap artist's record label or confidently confirmed that they didn't sign, and ultimately had a change of heart.

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