For some, their name speaks for itself and Rick Ross feels he's one of those people.

Rozay posted a video on his Instagram Story on Thursday (Feb. 10), which showed himself receiving a jewelry delivery from New York City-based jeweler Jacob & Co, via armored truck company Malca-Amit Armored, Inc. However, when the man was delivering the item, which Ross said in the video was a pinky ring, the MMG boss refused to show identification to receive his presumably high-priced piece as he felt his face-card and the double Rs that adorned his property was sufficient.

While recording the interaction, Rick Ross asked the armored truck delivery person, "Hol' up, what you say you need?” After the man told him identification is required in order for Rozay to retrieve his package, the Miami-bred, Georgia-living rhymer replied, "I’m the boss, I don’t need ID. Boss, Rozay."

As the man persisted in trying to get Ross to provide proper identification, the driver went on to confirm that the package is addressed to William Roberts [II], Rick Ross' real name. So at that point, Ross felt the gold emblazoned R's in the garden of his 300-acre Fayetteville, Ga. property would suffice as identification.

The next portion of the exchange wasn't recorded, but the delivery man no longer had Ross' package, and the Richer Than I Ever Been artist told the man "Muchas Gracias," which is thank you in Spanish.

Ross may have been pulling the delivery guy's leg the entire time, opposed to just being difficult.

Nonetheless, this is the same 54,000 square-foot, 109-room, 25-bathroom home that holds Rick Ross' alluring vintage car collection that includes a 1955 and 1957 Bel Air, 1971 Caprice, 1971 Impala and a 1964 C10 pickup truck, which he recently spoke to XXL about in his digital cover.

Check out Rick Ross' seemingly playful back-and-forth with the delivery guy dropping off his jewelry below.

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