Former Adam Levine signee Rozzi has unveiled new single "Never Over You," a soaring, smoky-toned ode to an ex-flame.

The single is the second to come from her debut LP, due out on Columbia later this year. It follows "Uphill Battle," a poignant piano ballad released in January.

"I was at my local coffee shop thinking about all of the bulls---, all the problems in my relationship. I was exhausted,” Rozzi said of "Never Over You" in a release. “But what I found was despite all of the things I was over...I wasn't over him. I channeled those feelings that day and wrote this song. Since breaking up the words have taken on an entirely new meaning."

Rozzi was the first artist to sign to Levine's label, 222, after being connected to his manager by former Phantom Planet guitarist Jacques Brautbar, who she collaborated with while attending the University of Southern California. Rozzi released two EPs under the imprint: Space and Time, both from 2015. She also collaborated with Levine for "Come Away to the Water" on the 2012 Hunger Games soundtrack, and toured with Maroon 5 and Owl City in 2015.

She parted ways with Levine in 2016 and has since landed with Columbia, dropping her last name, Crane, from her on-stage moniker. A title and release date for her forthcoming album have not yet been announced. Listen to "Never Over You" below.

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