An appearance on Sesame Street is both a privilege and a rite of passage for any legendary pop star. Remember when One Direction taught us how useful the letter U is? Or Katy Perry crooning "Hot N Cold" with Elmo?

It's Sia's turn to hit the Street and hang with Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and company — and so far, her upcoming episode on March 25 looks and sounds adorable.

"S is for songs, and I love songs / Don't know what we'd do without 'em! I love songs so much, I wanna sing a song about 'em," she soulfully sing-songs. (And yes, as with all things Sia, it still sounds like a radio smash.)

Perhaps more surprising is the "Move Your Body" singer-songwriter's shorter wig and silly red nose, exposing more of her face than usual — no doubt to appear a little more kid-friendly than her usual obscured look.

Watch the teaser for Sia's episode of Sesame Street up top, and see some more shots of Sia in action below.

This Is What Sia's Face Looks Like:

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