We're just a little over a month away from getting the new Neva Left album from Snoop Dogg, and he's giving us a taste of what we can expect beforehand. The Long Beach native just released his "Promise You This" video, where he reflects on the importance of generosity.

The BUSH rapper shows a couple sitting on a couch watching television, where they see Snoop hitting the screen to take them down memory lane. The veteran MC shows different scenes of him giving back to his hood throughout his career, which includes his football league, visiting different neighborhoods, and getting involved in programs throughout the city. He also shows off his progression when it comes to his brand, as he takes us from his early days as a gangster rapper, to now being the star of a cooking show with Martha Stewart on VH1.

If you're looking for inspiration to step your game up in your community, then you should take a note out of the rapper's book from these visuals.

Watch the video for "Promise You This" below to reflect on Snoop's lengthy career.


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