My son, Jacob, had a mohawk about 6 weeks ago for a family trip.

It was growing out around the sides but was really long on the top.  I suggested to my wife we put him in a little suit, paint him orange and let him go as Donald Trump for Halloween this year.

She said no.

Instead, we took Jacob to Capri College at 395 Main Street yesterday for a little pre-school pampering.  We want him to look good for that school photo this year!

We got in and were greeted by Chelsay, who professionally shook Jacob's little hand before walking him back to her chair.

Jacob hopped up and she got to work.

Jacob getting a trim from Chelsay at Capri.

Chelsay told us a little bit about her schooling at Capri, which started in April.  She mentioned she's loving it and was thinking about hanging around for another year so she could to the Esthetics program, too!

She also mentioned having a three year old daughter and the flexibility she gets as a student at Capri College.

While Jacob has had haircuts before, it was the first time he was offered a wash and massage.  It took him a second to get used to leaning back into the sink (as you can see above), but he really loved it.

Capri has been a sponsor of the 7am hour of the Y105 Wake-Up on Thursdays for as long as I can remember, so I'm going to fill you in on a few of the cool things going with them!

One of their former graduates, Kelsey Simoens, recently won 1st place in the Nuts and Bolts International Student of the Year competition.

Another former graduate, Abbey Gentry, recently won the title of Miss Iowa and will be competing for the title of Miss America on August 27th!  (You can see more about that HERE!)

If you're finishing up high school or thinking about a new career, Massage Therapy classes start on October 24th and Cosmetology classes start on October 25th.  Erin Fiegen from Capri tells me you'll learn hair cutting, color styling, extensions, manicures and pedicures, facials and get business education.

Think about it... earning $100 to $200 doing a 2 hour hair color.  That could be you... doing what you love... making people happy and GETTING PAID FOR IT!

If you want more information, you can visit the CAPRI COLLEGE WEBSITE or their FACEBOOK PAGE.  You could also just stop by for a visit or call 563.588.2379 and ask to speak to someone in admissions.

Nice job, Capri!  Thanks for keeping the tristates looking and feeling great for 50 years!