Police have obtained a warrant to search Soulja Boy's home following a woman's kidnapping allegations, and they did just that on Friday morning (Feb. 8). TMZ reported the news today.

According to the celebrity news site, it's unclear whether Soulja was home at the time of the search—which is still actively taking place as of press time.

As previously reported, a woman by the name of Kayla claims that Soulja tied her up to a chair in his garage for six hours last weekend and would not let her leave. For his part, Soulja denies the allegations and has offered a very different chain of events.

Sources close to the rapper say that Kayla is a former romantic interest of Soulja's and that she had shown up to his Los Angeles home upset because he had broken up with her. They allege that the woman crashed her car in his driveway, which alerted everyone inside the house and caused them to come outside and inform her that she was not welcome there.

Soulja's camp alleges that after people went outside of Soulja's home, Kayla attacked a woman who manages the rapper, which created a scene outside of his house. Any injuries that Kayla claims came from the alleged kidnapping, they say, actually came from this fight. According to his team, Soulja Boy didn't have any contact with the alleged victim at any point that night.

In related news, Soulja Boy just inked a new deal with Warner/Chappell Music, a music publishing division of Warner.

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