Stocktoberfest At Big Apple Bagels

Stocktoberfest-3 is coming up October 10th to the 12th!

Y105 is teaming up with Big Apple Bagels and Resources Unite for "Stocktoberfest-3," a fundraiser for the St. Stephens Food Bank!

St. Stephens Food Bank is located at 3145 Cedar Crest Ridge in Dubuque.  They receive donations from a number of sources including government support, local sources and donations from individuals in the community.

St. Stephens in turn helps stock the local food pantries in Dubuque and Jackson counties while also doing a monthly giveaway to help families in need.

Last year their intake of resources were much less than their output, causing a near shortage for the St. Stephens Food Bank and those in need.

Hence "Stocktoberfest-3," a three day fundraiser at Big Apple Bagels at 1675 JFK Road.  Y105 will be broadcasting live with our friends from Resources Unite as we collect as much food and money possible to help the St. Stephens Food Bank start their busy season on the right foot.

That's where we need you!  Stop by anytime this week during business hours to drop off items needed at the food bank.

An almost empty freezer at St. Stephens Food Bank.

Kathy from St. Stephens mentioned their much needed items including canned fruits, canned meats (like chicken and tuna), canned soups and peanut butter.  Items like new toothbrushes and toothpaste, toilet paper and laundry soap and other hygiene products are also welcomed.

Even pet food is accepted, for families with animals that have fallen on tough times.

The easiest thing to do is donate money.  A single dollar given to St. Stephens Food Bank can be stretched into 5 meals through their discounted purchases, so consider giving cash in one of the containers available now at Big Apple Bagels.

As we broadcast live we will be sharing other needs St. Stephens has and be giving shout-outs to those who drop by with donations!  Judy will also be featuring some special discounts on food and beverages during Stocktoberfest-3, so drop by for some fun!

We hope to see you during our event on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 10th, 11th and 12th.  If you have any questions, don't be afraid to reach out to Chris Farber at!

Kathy from St. Stephens Food Bank with Judy from Big Apple Bagels inside the warehouse at St. Stephens