Bruschetta with Tomatoes and Fresh Herbs Recipe
Many plant-based eaters and non-plant-based eaters alike claim that their favorite breakfast is avocado toast because it's easy-to-make, tastes delicious and is loaded with healthy fats. All of which is true, but if you want to give your taste buds something else to savor, without compromising …
Delicious Recipe: The Best Cinnamon Cream-Filled Vegan Donut
As you cozy up on the couch, sipping your hot cup of coffee, the only thing missing is a delicious vegan donut with a cream filling. This could be your perfect morning of self-care and a little R&R.
The Beet found the most incredible, easy-to-make, cinnamon vanilla cream-filled donuts. T…
The Best Smoothie to Boost Your Immune System
Feeling under the weather? This green smoothie is full of essential vitamins to boost your immune system and increase your energy. Start your day on the right foot by fueling your body with this smoothie filled with oranges, spinach, turmeric, and other anti-inflammatory ingredients that m…
Bruschetta Toast

1 Ripe tomatoes
Dash of olive oil
Fresh basil
Sourdough toast


Toast the bread until crisp.
Chop up the tomatoes into a small bowl.
Add olive oil into the bowl and a dash of salt. Mix all the ingredients together
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Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Shake

1 Large Banana
1 Scoop of Chocolate Vegan Protein Powder
1 Cup of Dairy-Free Milk
1 Tbsp of Peanut Butter


Add the banana, protein powder, milk and peanut butter to a blender and mix together until you reach your desired texture
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Easy Banana Protein Pancakes
These easy, delicious protein pancakes only require 6 ingredients and will keep you full all morning long. Mix your favorite fruits or chocolate chips into the batter for a decadent treat.