Tenet opened in theaters around Labor Day weekend in America and around the world, the first blockbuster released since the early spring by studio thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Months later ... it’s still playing theaters. Audiences were slow to return to multiplexes because of Covid-19, and when Tenet grossed just $53 million in the U.S., studios began delaying their fall 2020 slates to next year.

If you live in an area where theaters remain closed — or if you just feel like a trip to the theater is still a risk not worth taking — you’ll finally be able to see Tenet at home in December. The film will be available in a variety of formats including 4K, Digital, Blu-ray, and DVD on December 15. Thus far, there’s just one special features announced for the disc versions: an hour-long documentary on the production called Looking at the World in a New Way: The Making of Tenet.

It’ll be mighty interesting to see how well the film does on home video. Nolan has a large and passionate fan base, and it sure looks like a significant portion of that fan base stayed home when Tenet opened in theaters. The film’s narrative about a technology that seems to make time travel possible is twisty and complex, and would certainly benefit from multiple viewings at home. If anything, the movie might be even better when you have the ability to pause it, rewind, and fully process all the details.

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