The Band Camino have removed Graham Rowell as their bass player after accusations of sexual misconduct between him and fans reportedly surfaced online.

The band issued a statement across their social media on Thursday (April 9).

"The Band CAMINO has decided to part ways with Graham Rowell due to personal reasons," the band stated. "Stay safe and take care of each other, we'll be back soon."

See the tweet, below.

After the statement was released, fans began to come forward with public accusations of Rowell's misconduct with fans.

You can read one user's alleged account here, via Twitter.

Rowell has not yet publicly commented about his reported departure from the band, nor on the allegations of sexual misconduct. He has since changed his social media account settings to private.

UPDATE: The original version of this article that was published on April 9 included a number of embedded reactions and tweets, all originally published publicly on Twitter, from individual Twitter users, per public domain. They were included to provide context for the story and to shed light on the accusations. As a courtesy to the individuals, they have been removed.

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