The Game thinks 50 Cent should mind his business after Fif questioned why Game recently said Kanye West did more for his career than Dr. Dre.

On Friday (March 4), Game addressed the G-Unit founder on Twitter. "@50cent Last time you did this with me, G-Unit clothing got put in a casket wit the entire group & you went into television," the Compton, Calif. rapper tweeted. "I like Power n shit….. leave it alone. I’m back outside !!! #Numinati."

In late February, Game had the internet scratching its head after telling the Drink Champs podcast that Ye had done more for him than Dr. Dre had accomplished. "It's crazy that Ye did more for me in the last two weeks than Dre did for me my whole career," Game said during the sit-down.

50 Cent reacted to the soundbite on Twitter, typing, "[Huh], what happen here?" It looks like Game didn't like 50 interjecting himself in the conversation and still wants all the smoke with his former boss, despite mentioning in his Drink Champs interview that 50 Cent did a lot for his career.

Game also made headlines for comments he made about Eminem during the Drink Champs interview. Game boasted about being better than Shady. "Eminem is Eminem," Game said. "I like Eminem, he’s one of the fucking good MCs, great MCs. He raps fast. He do all that shit...I used to think Eminem was better than me. He not. He not. He’s not. Aye, challenge it.”

Game is currently prepping his new album, Drillmatic, which features the single "Eazy" with Kanye West.

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