Tyga had a couple close calls in 2016, avoiding jail time in August when he reached a settlement with a former landlord, but the rapper is cutting it even closer with a new haircut, which he showed off on social media this weekend. He offers aa look at the new style below, which looks to replicate tiger stripes on the back. Above, he posts a separate image with a tiger emoji and the caption "stripes."

Rappers have gone out on a limb before when it comes to sporting new hair styles, a gallery of recent examples included below. There's no telling if the tiger motif is meant to usher in a new concept for Tyga or if he simply wanted to switch it up. He released "Feel Me" with Kanye West on the last day of the year, so a G.O.O.D. Music release seems pending. Tyga signed to Yeezy's label back in September after frustrations grew with his previous home, Cash Money.

Kanye himself made waves with his hair in December when he returned from a hiatus with a new blond look. A few weeks later, he had added pink hues to the dye job. The new colors in Ye’s fade harkened back to a previous era for the rapper, when bright lights and neon hues ruled his aesthetic. It seems a possibility that like Tyga, Kanye is preparing for a new album with a new look though appearances can always be deceiving.

Check out Tyga's new cut both above and below.

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