Hard as it is to believe for viewers who remember when he first debuted after The Tonight Show, Conan O’Brien is currently the most tenured host in late-night TV. Now, after almost 30 years hosting his own talk show, Conan O’Brien is calling it quits. O’Brien’s current series, Conan on TBS, will wrap up its run on cable on June 24.

O’Brien himself announced the news on last night’s episode of Conan:

A press release says that the “final weeks of [Conan] will include a lineup of special guests as well as an extended hour-long finale with a look back on the past 11 years of this iteration of OBrien’s lengthy late-night career.” O’Brien moved to TBS in 2010, after NBC gave him the job hosting The Tonight Show and then decided after just a few months that they wanted Jay Leno to return to his old job. Rather than accept a demotion that would have seen Leno return to his old time slot, O‘Brien quit and then moved to TBS. In recent years, Conan had been shortened from an hour to a half-hour, and O’Brien’s longtime band was dropped from the show. But it still had his signature style of comedy, along with his perennial sidekick, Andy Richter.

While June 24 marks the farewell for Conan, it’s not the end for Conan on TV. He’s already signed a deal to make a new series for HBO Max, which will debut at some point in the near future. Still, late night won’t be the same without Conan.

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