Will Smith is debunking all rumors and speculation that there was ever any infidelity in his marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith.

During an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning with Gayle King yesterday (March 13), the King Richard actor spoke on how he deals with the conversations surrounding his relationship while also addressing the topic of infidelity.

Will shared, "There’s never been infidelity in our marriage. Never. Jada and I talk about everything and we have never surprised one another with anything, ever."

Elsewhere in the interview, he also said, "I have decided that chatter about my life can be of a benefit to people. I think the chatter is the first stage to having a real conversation and being able to truly explore if some of the things in your heart are loving or poisonous."

Will and Jada became the center of a lot of unwanted attention in June of 2020, when August Alsina did an interview with Angela Yee—following August's appearance on Red Table Talk—in which he revealed that he was in a relationship with Jada at one point and even received Will's blessing. The latter is was information that Jada initially denied.

While promoting his third album, The Product III: State of Emergency, two summers ago, the New Orleans native told Yee, "I actually sat down with Will and had a conversation... He gave me his blessing. And I totally gave myself to that relationship for years of my life, and I truly and really, really, deeply loved and have a ton of love for her. I devoted myself to it. I gave my full self to it. So much so that I can die right now, and be OK with knowing that I fully gave myself to somebody…And some people never get that in this lifetime."

Jada Pinkett Smith later came forward on Red Table Talk to confirm that she had gotten into an entanglement with August Alsina.

Last November, Will had a sit-down with Oprah Winfrey on her AppleTV+ series The Oprah Conversation. The veteran talk show host inquired about whether or not Will and Jada were in an open marriage that allowed them to freely see other people.

To this, Will responded that they came to an agreement where they decided to take an unconventional route in finding mutual happiness, which ultimately meant they would do whatever worked for them.

Will Smith has also been forthcoming about Jada not being the only one in their marriage to have had sexual relations with other people.

Check out the conversation between Will Smith and Gayle King of CBS Sunday Morning below. They speak on the topic of infidelity around the 7:49-mark.

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