His WWE fans might not be able to "see" him, but wrestling superstar John Cena just made his status as a K-pop fan and ARMY member very visible.

After recently uploading photos of pre-debut former BTS member Supreme Boi and rapper J-Hope to his Instagram, fans of the South Korean group started wondering if Cena was himself a fan of the record-breaking troupe.

Lo and behold, while speaking to Metro.co.uk in promotion of his new comedy film, Blockers, Cena firmly outed himself as a stan, rattling off his favorite J-Hope songs off the rapper's solo mixtape, Hope World, and singing the praises of the South Korean music scene.

Though Cena wouldn't explain exactly why he shared the photos on his social media account, saying that it "would defeat the purpose," he told the web site that "'Base Line' is my favorite track on the J-Hope mixtape," adding that he also likes the song "HANGSANG."

"What started as a happy accident has turned into something wonderful," he continued of his journey into K-pop. "I’ve been introduced to a new piece of culture, which I think is fantastic, because I’m learning through social media...Yeah, screw it, I'm in."

And with that, ARMYs just got a little bit stronger.

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