Yellowstone's infamous "train station" is a kernel of truth mixed with a lot of fiction, but the roadside cliff where the many dark scenes were filmed is real. A TikTok user named @taphobay says she found it.

On the Paramount Network drama, the train station is where the Dutton family takes dead bodies they don't want to be found. Early on, Lloyd (played by Forrie J. Smith) explains that this cliff has been used for generations, as nobody lives within 100 miles, so no one ever thinks to lean over the edge. Why is it called the "train station"? That's explained in Season 1, when Lloyd shoots a wrangler named Fred after telling him the long black train (i.e. death) is coming. Then Fred's body tumbles over the edge.

An explanation of what the location might be based on is coming, but Laramie Live discovered a TikTok video that appears to show the roadside inlet used for filming. Granted, viewers only see the train station at night, but the site looks familiar. The user doesn't lean too far over the cliff to search for bodies, as it's clear this is truly a dangerous road. As for which road it is — see if you can figure it out:

Of course, no one from Yellowstone has confirmed the location, but there's reason to believe it's the one. Scroll through over 36,000 comments, or just trust us that @taphobay says she's along the North Ogden Divide in Eden, Utah. She tells Taste of Country she lives nearby, and others in the thread confirm it's a road mentioned at Early seasons of Yellowstone were filmed partially in Utah, so there's no hard reason to doubt her, although the scenes leading up to a character's arrival at the train station indicate it's a location in Wyoming.

That leads to the kernel of truth about the train station. Many believe it's based on the Zone of Death, a 50-square-mile patch of Wyoming land that many believe is lawless because it'd be near impossible to gather a proper jury for any crime committed. This premise is built on studies of the Sixth Amendment. It's not as complicated as it sounds. This video explains it all a bit better:

The train station has been used to dispose of Fred and the "Party Planner" (Season 4), and it was meant for Walker (Ryan Bingham), but he talked his way out of it. During the Season 4 finale, another key character dropped off the edge. We could tell you here, but those who've not yet watched might try to toss us over the edge next. Needless to say, it's an integral part of the most recent Dutton Rules podcast.

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