50 Cent is on a rampage to collect all of the money he's allegedly loaned out over the years. According to social media, he just collected yet another debt, and it's apparently one paid through unconventional currency.

In a picture shared by Biz Markie on Sunday (June 16), Biz claimed to have paid 50 the money he owed—though he didn't make clear what the amount was or what it was for. A few days later, 50 followed up with some additional details.

"I ran into Biz markie back stage in Minnesota," 50 wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday (June 19). "I said Biz I always loved ya music and all that but I need that money you owe me. LOL he had food stamps."

It's worth noting that the food stamps Biz handed to Fif in the picture are old ones, as the food stamps system was transformed to the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) system back in 2004.

This is the second debt 50 allegedly collected on just this week. On Monday (June 17), 50 revealed that Bow Wow had also paid him back—if this is all actually real and not just a troll. Bow reportedly owed the G-Unit rapper money after using 50's cash instead of his own at a strip club earlier this month.

You can view Biz and 50's posts for yourself below. Let's see who 50 will collect on next!

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