You've undoubtedly seen (or heard) him voice Robin, Batman's loyal sidekick, most notably on the 1960s TV series that invited the Dark Knight into the homes of millions for the duration of three seasons and 120 episodes. Now, the "Boy Wonder" is on a new mission: helping dogs and cats live a longer, healthier life.

Burt Ward, the original Robin from the Batman TV series, and his wife Tracy, have rescued more than 15,500 dogs and hundreds of cats in the last 30 years. In addition, they've created Gentle Giants Natural Non GMO Ingredients Pet Foods to help all precious pets live longer and healthier.

Photo Credits: Gentle Giants Dog and Cat Food
Photo Credits: Gentle Giants Dog and Cat Food

Dogs eating Gentle Giants Natural Non GMO Ingredients Dog and Puppy Food and following Gentle Giants Special Feeding and Care Program are living as long as 30 healthy, active years with a wonderful quality of life. They have also created Gentle Giants Natural Non GMO Ingredients Cat and Kitten Food to help cats live long, healthy, active lives, too.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Burt Ward today about his pet food, his love of animals, and of course, various things Batman-related.

Mostly, however, I was dying to know two things: his reaction to a Hollywood that has become dependent on superhero movies and TV shows as tentpoles in entertainment (a stark contrast from when Batman first premiered), and his relationship with Adam West, who passed away in 2017 from leukemia at 88-years-old.

Ward is as enthusiastic and as exuberant as he was playing Boy Wonder many moons ago. While his life's mission has become rescuing dogs and cats (him and his wife, Tracy, currently live with 50 dogs in their house) and assuring they live longer, healthy lives, he's happy to talk the Caped Crusader with all his fans.

Ward credits the popularity of his and West's show with inspiring Hollywood's modern cultural shift to superhero movies being the tentpole of the industry today. He also spoke briefly about Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, and how him and West started laughing five minutes after meeting one another and "never stopped laughing for 55 years."

Take a listen to my interview with Burt Ward below, and learn more about his Gentle Giants Dog and Cat Food on their Facebook page!

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