DaBaby was pretty unapologetic when he vocalized his support for Kanye West's presidential campaign via social media this morning. Twitter, however, isn't having it.

On Wednesday (Aug. 12), Baby tweeted that he's voting for Kanye in the upcoming 2020 election hours after ’Ye gave the North Carolina-bred rapper a shout-out during a random Twitter posting spree. "Ima let y’all finish....But you got me fucked up you think I ain’t voting for Ye. 🇺🇸," DaBaby tweeted.

dababy via Twitter
dababydababy via Twitter

Shortly after Baby posted his tweet, Twitter users began questioning his decision. Others dragged and thrashed him.

"Why would you make a dumb ass decision like that ?," one person asked. "That’s clown behavior."

Another said, "Baby you got too big of a platform to be tweeting this nonsense."

A third person tweeted, "Well rich people can afford to make dumba*s decisions like this. us working class don’t..."

Several reports are claiming that Kanye's run for President of the United States can potentially redirect Black votes from Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, which in turn heightens the possibility of President Donald Trump being reelected into office.

In fact, a number of political pundits are echoing the sentiments of those who are bashing DaBaby as Republican operatives have recently been accused of using ’Ye as part of President Trump's reelection strategy.

Kanye appears to be steadfast in his run for president, despite him reportedly being accused of election fraud. He could actually be facing an investigation due to submitting faulty signatures to get on New Jersey and Illinois' election ballot. A magnifying glass is also being placed on Yeezy's campaign because a lawyer for Trump's 2016 campaign reportedly submitted the rapper's signatures to Wisconsin election officials.

DaBaby may be looking to vote for Kanye West for President of the United States, but a lot of folks are pushing back against him and anyone else who is considering voting for ’Ye.

See more reactions to DaBaby's decision to vote for Kanye for president below.

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