I won't lie. When it comes to the Farber house, we're always arguing over the thermostat setting.

I guess it's not something you talk about when you first get together with someone. Do you like music? Me, too! You want kids? Great!

Once cohabitation starts, you usually get the stuff you should have asked about... like why do you constantly click your toenails? Why can't you pick up your laundry?

A real point of contention in the Farber house is where to set the thermostat.

I'm always hot. My wife, Lisa, is always cold.

When the summer humidity sets in I get growly, so Lisa is usually great about flipping on the air. The problem? I like it at 70 and she's partial to 72 or 73. It doesn't sound like a huge difference, but it is.

According to a new One Poll survey on behalf of the AC manufacturer Trane, 25% of the 2,000 adults polled admitted to fights over where to set the thermostat... to the point of ending a friendship with a roommate!

Other people polled said they won't even date someone whose "AC etiquette" isn't compatible with theirs.

Other findings include AC users who will suffer for 5 days before turning on their unit. 14% of those surveyed say they won't kick it on until at least August. AUGUST?!?!

One other note from the survey you might find interesting. 35% of those polled crank their AC down all the way in an effort to cool their home quicker... but that's not how AC works. The air conditioner blows cooled air at a constant rate, so if you want to cool your house faster, increase the fan speed if you have that feature!

So how about you? Does your house have fights over the thermostat?


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