I read earlier today that Post Malone shaved his head. We have the opposite thing going on at the Farber house.

I started losing my hair around the age of twenty-one. It was really noticeable by the time I was about twenty-six.

Eventually I got to a point where shaving my head made more sense. My wife bought an electric trimmer at the store and every three weeks she runs it over my head.

For the last few years she would have our son, Jacob, sit down after my turn and buzz him, too.

Jacob is ten now and has been resisting getting his hair cut over the last few months. He didn't say it, but we gathered that he wants to let his hair grow out a bit.

I've been showing him how to comb it after his shower. (Truthfully, I was a little out of practice... it's been that long!)

He has a massive cowlick on the back of his head so we keep trying to comb it down.

I know there are gels and mousse products available, but I don't know if he's too young to be using products like that.

Yeah it's easier to keep his hair short, but if he's carrying the Farber hair-gene he probably won't have a full head very long so I want him to have a chance to say "I had long hair once."

I know we have a lot of great parents who listen and plenty of cosmetologists in the audience. Maybe one of you has had this hair dilemma before. How do I train that cowlick?


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