While you hear me and Bruce talking frequently about our experiences at Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping, last weekend was a milestone moment for us both.

We started our journey last January at Farrell's Dubuque location at 4099 McDonald Drive.

At the start, we were both overweight, out of shape and in desperate need for a change.

For myself, I was dealing with borderline-high blood pressure, constant exhaustion and even sleeping with a C-PAP device to combat my snoring and apnea issues.

Bruce was complaining about being winded simply talking to people and having difficulty with menial tasks like walking up the stairs.

While the name of the business features the word "extreme," don't let that scare you.  Attending classes 6 times a week and keeping a pretty basic nutritional plan will get you seeing extreme results by the end of their 10-week course.

After an initial testing, you'll know where you're at with measurements, sit-ups, push-ups and a mile run.  You'll probably feel a little self-conscious at the start, but you're in the same boat with many other new students, so you instantly find a new group of friends as you start your journey to fitness.

Classes consist of 3 days of kickboxing, 3 days of resistance band training and one day called a "fun day," which gives you an opportunity to give yourself a break from the week with no exercise and a chance to snack on something that you might have been missing during the week (like a donut or chicken wings).

You might say "I don't know how to kickbox" and "what's a resistance band?"  I can assure you the owners, Kip and Laci, are fantastic people.  They also have a dynamite staff of instructors who take you step-by-step for each activity and exercise.

You test a second time at 5 weeks to check your progress, then one more time at the end of your 10-weeks.

After a 10-week session, you can join and become a FIT-member (Farrell's Infinite Transformation) and continue on your journey to health and wellness.

Me and Bruce opted to challenge ourselves even further and joined a 1-year challenge.  This allows you to push yourself everyday, test every 10-weeks and have a shot at a $10,000 cash prize at the end of the year.

While I won't bore you with too many numbers, my first mile took me 14 minutes and 56 seconds and I got 25 push ups done in one minute.  Last Saturday, I got my mile to 9 minutes and 36 seconds and 64 push ups in one minute!

Farber results
Farber results

Bruce started with 14 sit ups and 17 push ups in one minute.  He ended with 49 sit ups and 53 push ups in one minute.  He also dashed a final 5 minute and 55 second mile... what a stud!

Bruce results
Bruce results

What a year it's been.  We've learned so much.  While I will continue to work out at Farrell's, Bruce has decided to add 'instructor' to his resume!  That's right... he'll be TEACHING classes soon!

So where are you in life?  Out of shape?  Ready to make a change?

For more information, visit the official Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping website, or check them out on Facebook. You can also call 563-564-7696!

Me and Bruce chatted with Kip and Laci and they agreed to let us select one listener to join the next 10-week session starting on Saturday, April 8th, for FREE!

We want to know a little about you.  Why do you deserve this opportunity?  Fill out the following entry form, then listen for us to announce our winner next week on Y105.  All we'll ask is that you give it your all and allow us to check in with you on the air from time-to-time to see how your experience is going.

Make the change.  Believe in yourself and fill it out!  We'll see you soon on the mat!

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