Game of Thrones Season 7 marks our last regular engagement with the franchise, knowing we have further episodes to come. The final season will be a much larger event, but HBO bosses won’t make you move from the couch to the theater, nor will the upcoming spinoffs.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, HBO boss Casey Bloys looked past this Sunday’s Season 7 debut to the franchise’s future; both Season 8 and the four (five?) spinoffs in development. It’s still too early to determine if the final six episodes could end up pushed to 2019, but Bloys at least ruled out any kind of theatrical release, flatly stating “This is for subscribers.”

Looking forward to the spinoffs, Bloys could only acknowledge “I have a deal for four spinoffs right now with four writers,” despite author George R.R. Martin’s claims of a fifth. Bloys also reiterated that no potential prequel would air before the final season, nor would they likely choose any more than one of the current options:

I’m not looking to have as many as possible. My sense right now is we would be very lucky if one of the four rises to the level that we have set. Now, theoretically, what if they’re all great? That’s a high-class problem that I’ll solve when it comes to that. But knowing what we know about the development process, that’s why we wanted to increase our odds. But I do not see a scenario where we have more than one. But again, high-class problem.

Additionally, we shouldn’t expect any direct connection or lead-in with the main franchise, nor that showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss will take any more active a role in producing than thirteen years of service to the franchise demands. No outlines or treatments have been finalized, though Bloys noted they’d try again if not one spinoff were up to snuff.

It’s a long road ahead, but how should Game of Thrones handle its future after Season 7?

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