If you were just passing through the suburbs of West Des Moines, you'd probably mistake a quaint little chocolate shop for being just another home. But nestled in the heart of a great city is a beacon of sweets and chocolate that will bring out the child in just about anyone.

The shop is called Chocolate Storybook, and has been a staple in the West Des Moines community for years. The sweet-smelling shop is run by chocolatier Meg Shearer, who has infused this cottage-like setup with sweets both individually wrapped and made-fresh daily.

The website "Only in Your State" drew attention to the Chocolate Storybook and its colorful assortment of confections. A quick visit to the shop's Facebook page shows that they have basically every kind of dessert you can think of: truffles, barks, macaroons, meltaways, chocolate-covered pretzels, etc.

Because most of the treats are packed to go, they are known to make lovely little gifts. That's part of the reason Shearer and the folks at Chocolate Storybook prioritize holidays.

For example, with Mother's Day coming up, the Chocolate Storybook holds a tow-day event called "Berry Days." This year, on May 10th and May 11th, the shop will sell chocolate-covered strawberries, berry cups, and berry kabobs that would make the most delectable treat for mom.


Per their Facebook page, the Chocolate Storybook advises you to preorder any berry-related offerings and consume them within 24 hours for peak freshness.

You can find more about Chocolate Storybook on their Facebook page and on Only in Your State's website.

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