The camels at Cedar Point theme park pulled an Uno reverse card on unsuspecting guests after they escaped their enclosures leading some guests to jump the fence into their abandoned enclosure.

On Tuesday (June 11), the two resident camels in the Sandusky, Ohio theme park somehow escaped their pen and began to run amuck in the petting zoo section of the park. The creatures are named Sampson and Artie and live at The Barnyard area where guests can feed them along with other animals including sheep, goats, donkeys, among others.

A handful of guests managed to record the incident which was uploaded to Reddit, TikTok and Facebook. In two of the clips, we see that one of the camels almost kicked an elderly man in a motorized scooter. Fellow guests were heard yelling, "Put it in reverse Terry," which quickly became a running joke among viewers. Another voice is heard saying that the man in the scooter "almost died" from the large camel's hoof.

No one was hurt in the incident, however, authorities have not discovered how the two intelligent camels managed to break out.

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"The camels decided to take an unplanned stroll just outside their home at The Barnyard (our ‘petting zoo’ area on the Frontier Trail) but were quickly returned,” Cedar Point spokesperson Tony Clark said in a statement to local news stations. “We’re looking into how they made it to the midway.”

People in the comment sections of the viral videos compared the camels running to dogs getting the zoomies. One of the most ironic points made was the fact that the human guests sought safety by climbing and jumping into the camel enclosure while they frolicked in the guests' path.

See all of the camel escape footage, below.


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