The largest, locally owned chain of convenience stores, Kwik Stop, has announced their 2024 slate of charity partners for their Kwik Care program. 

Since 2002, Kwik Stop and Dairy Queen customers have been a driving force for change in Dubuque and the Tri-States as a whole. Each month, a new organization is selected as the "Kwik Care recipient." For the entire month, customers at those respective businesses can donate to said nonprofit with ease.

Donations can be made easily by requesting your total purchase at any of those businesses (including at the gas pumps at Kwik Stop) be rounded up to the nearest dollar. The additional cents used to round up will be donated to the respective charity of the month.

Here is the roster of Kwik Care partners for 2024:

Kwik Stop on JFK Road, right off of Arterial. Photo Credit: Steve Pulaski
Kwik Stop on JFK Road, right off of Arterial. Photo Credit: Steve Pulaski

Tessa Fahey, Director of Operations at Rainbo Oil, commented on the difficulty of the selection process once the nonprofit applications started rolling in:

We received 37 non-profit applications to review. Narrowing down a very deserving group to our 12 recipients for the 2024 calendar was no easy task. This community is home to several outstanding non-profit organizations that are all doing important things. We are excited to partner with 12 of these local non-profits during the year, bringing awareness to their organizations and their mission in our community. - per a Kwik Stop press release

We have Heather Hamm of Rainbo Oil as well as representative from a nonprofit in studio on a monthly basis to talk about the respective Kwik Care recipient. This year, we've had representatives from Two By Two Character Development (March), Centrally Rooted (May), and The Avery Foundation (August), just to name a few.

Kwik Care is only part of Kwik Stop's community giving. For more than four decades, Kwik Stop has been donating to local non-profits and investing in local sponsorships that make the Dubuque and Tri-States community even stronger. Learn more about their efforts on their website.

"Free Santa Day" at Kwik Stop on Pennsylvania Avenue

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Gallery Credit: Steve Pulaski

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