DC’s Legends of Tomorrow was built with a certain amount of turnover in mind, but at least one major hero might upset the balance. Victor Garber will reportedly leave Legends of Tomorrow after three seasons, raising questions of how Firestorm might continue.

According to Deadline, Garber will leave Legends behind and return to Broadway to headline the Tony-winning revival of Hello, Dolly!, which will almost certainly negate participation in the CW series. The actor’s exit had apparently been planned over time, and will arrive relatively soon in Season 3’s run, though Garber will retain his series regular credit.

Garber had long served as a notable get for the Arrow-verse, recurring as Martin Stein in early seasons of The Flash before taking on Legends of Tomorrow full-time. Garber’s role as one half of Firestorm already survived the loss of Robbie Amell as Ronnie Raymond, so it remains to be seen if Franz Drameh will stick around as Jefferson Jackson to find another partner for the nuclear superhero.

This past week’s Legends premiere already laid groundwork for Martin Stein to retire with his family, but will the Arrow-verse carry on without Victor Garber? Stay tuned for more on Garber’s exit as Legends Season 3 continues behind The Flash on Tuesday nights.

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