One thing you can say about Questlove, he’s a man of his word. The Roots drummer DJed the Pennsbury High School East senior prom (dubbed “The Best Prom in America”) in Levittown, Pa., over the weekend.

Initially, Questlove backed out of the gig due to scheduling conflicts, much to the chagrin of the Pennsbury students. On top of that, he was having technical problems with his computer prior to the prom. But after a big social media push, Questlove was able to DJ  the prom and on top of that, he did it for free! Oh, and after six hours of intense surgery, Questo was able to fix his computer.

After the prom, Questlove left a message for the high school students in an Instagram post. It reads: "Hope you guys had a good time! Go out. Spread love and remember what I said: once in college, get to know 10 people who DO NOT LOOK like you do. Learn different cultures and background. Get to understand them and so on.... get home safe people."

Now that's some great advice Questlove.

And since we're talking about proms, here's a little trivia you may not know. Questlove went to his high school prom with ‎Amel Larrieux of Groove Theory fame. We provided proof down below.

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