Never underestimate the power of manifestation. Speaking things into existence holds weight. And if you don’t believe that, hip-hop's biggest names can also attest to the benefits of dreaming and keeping good faith.

Back in 2010, when Tyler, The Creator was flaring as a rising artist, the Los Angeles-bred rapper tweeted that he was going to win a Grammy Award one day. One decade later, his fifth album, IGOR, is the reason he won his very first Grammy for Best Rap Album at the 2020 awards show. Tyler’s manifestation marker was a prestigious award, but for Juice Wrld, it was doing a collaborative project with one of his idols, Future. In 2017, Juice claimed that doing a joint project with the Atlanta rapper would be day “he made it.” A year later, the pair tag-teamed and released Wrld On Drugs. It doesn’t get much more gratifying than that.

Sometimes, the tweets aren't as grandiose, but the end result proves the artist's current star power in the game. It’s natural that once the music blows up, the amount of clout a rapper receives increases as well. Gaining millions of followers on Twitter may have been unimaginable back in the day compared to now. Could you believe that there was a time when J. Cole only had 502 followers? He was geeked up about it back in 2009. Now he’s leveled up and has nearly 14 million. Logic can relate. In 2011, he was gung-ho about reaching 4,000 followers. You'd have to add a few million onto that to get to his total today.

Thanks to the documentation of social media and the talkative nature of Twitter, XXL found several tweets from your favorite artists that prove manifestation really works. Let this serve as your daily reminder that putting things into the air can allow them to materialize sooner than later.

See Old Tweets From Rappers That Prove Manifestation Really Works

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