Last week, a popular soda company has recalled four of its products. This impacts 3,000 gallons of soda across nine states, including Illinois. Iowa and Wisconsin are not affected in this recall.

This is not the first recall to impact our homefront this year either. Last month, a supplier had to issue a recall for two products sold in Hy-Vee, specifically cookies and cream mix and cream cheese spread. The two recalls are not mutually exclusive, but it further illustrates that absolutely any food or beverage could be subject to a recall.

The Charles Boggini Company, a beverage company located in Connecticut that has been making and manufacturing cola products since 1936, has recalled four of its products for containing undeclared preservatives. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration also announced an enforcement notice of said recall.

The products from the Charles Boggini Company failed to list several chemicals and preservatives, including a dye linked to cancer, according to the aforementioned notice from the FDA.

Per USA Today, the FDA requires companies to disclose any and all dyes used in their products, as well as preservatives and other chemicals used in manufacturing products. Failure to do so results in fines, or in this case, massive recalls that impact several states.

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What States are Impacted in this Recall?:

The Charles Boggini Company often sells its products to bars and restaurants in one and five-gallon quantities in the following states, per USA Today:

  • Connecticut
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Arizona
  • Michigan
  • Illinois
  • California
Photo Credit: iStock
Photo Credit: iStock

What Products are Being Recalled?:

The soda company has recalled four of its products. Listed below are said products and their corresponding lot numbers, per Top Class Actions' website:

  • Charles Boggini Pink Lemonade—1-017
  • Charles Boggini Cola Flavoring Base—9-330, 9-348, 1-013, 1-036, 1-097
  • Charles Boggini Yellow Lemonade—1-065
  • Charles Boggini Yellow Lemonade X—1-015

Specifics on the Chemicals in the Products:

Charles Boggini's Pink Lemonade contains the undeclared dye FD&C Red No. 40, a food, drug, and cosmetic red dye linked to colorectal cancer.

The company's Yellow Lemonade and Yellow Lemonade X contain FD&C Yellow No. 5, which can cause allergic reactions. Meanwhile, the company's Cola Flavoring Base was found to carry sulfites, common preservatives (often found in wine) that can cause respiratory issues if consumed in large quantities.

Read more about the recent product recall from the Charles Boggini Company, which impacts Illinois, on USA Today's website and on Top Class Actions' website.


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