Today, April 20, marks International Weed Day, also known to marijuana smokers as 4/20. The day has become an international celebration when people around the world gather to celebrate and smoke cannabis. In hip-hop, this is oftentimes a daily ritual, so it’s not hard to find your favorite rapper dropping bars about smoking weed in their songs.

Wiz Khalifa, for example, has always delivered entertaining lyrics about the sticky icky. On his weed anthem, "Young, Wild and Free," the Pittsburgh native boasts about his joint-rolling skills. "Roll joints bigger than King Kong’s fingers/And smoke them hoes down ’til they stingers/You a class clown and if I skip for the day/I’m with your bitch smokin’ grade A,” he raps.

Meanwhile, it’s no secret that Snoop Dogg is the king of weed. On Dr. Dre’s banger “Kush,” the rap veteran makes it clear what his favorite strain is to smoke. "Matter of fact, they'll know/This ain't ’dro, get a whiff of that/No, it ain't no seeds in my sack/You ain't never gotta ask, dog, what he smokin' on?/Shit, kush ’til my mind gone,” he barks on the track.

Other rappers have delivered some wild ganja verses. On “Waves,” Joey Bada$$ raps, "No disrespect to Bob Mar, but yeah, another stoner/Marijuana my odor, and when I get older/Hope my spermatozoa from my scrotum intercepts an ovum.” That’s an interesting mix of THC love and reproductive lyrics ever heard.

Rap vet Redman offers a funny cautionary warning for those sharing a blunt among friends. “The second paragraph might make you laugh/When a brotha rolls a blunt and his breath smells like pure ass/That's when you know you gotta take the blunt from him,” he raps on “How to Roll a Blunt.”

These are just several weed lyrics that are entertaining, funny or just plain weird. So check out these highly entertaining weed lyrics that are the perfect soundtrack to celebrate 4/20 below.

See Highly Entertaining Weed Lyrics That Are the Perfect Soundtrack to Celebrate 4/20

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