Dog lovers can't seem to get enough of their furry friends, and there's no doubt that each dog has its own unique personality, however, there are some behaviors that nearly all dogs exhibit. Here's a look at some of the doggy traits that make us melt from cuteness or leave us scratching our heads wondering "why does my dog do that?!"

Tilting Their Head

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Head tilting is common when your pooch is trying to understand something! They may have heard a sound they don't recognize or they may be listening to you, trying to pick up on a command that they can understand. Next time your dog tilts their head when you're talking, thank them for being such a good listener!

Circling Before Laying Down 

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This is a behavior that has stood the test of time. Dating back to before dogs became man's best friend, this habit actually has a couple of reasons behind it. Before they were domesticated dogs needed to make sure they had a clear spot to lay. Circling before laying down ensured any snakes or other critters in the area would be disrupted and reveal themselves. It's also used as a means for comfort, kind of like fluffing your pillow before you lay your head to rest.

Rolling in Stinky Stuff 

Photo by Yvette Serrano on Unsplash

Is there anything more frustrating than giving your dog a nice bath, only for them to roll in the first pile of stink that they can find? Ugh! Well, it turns out the reason they do that is to mask their scent! It's a defense mechanism used to throw off prey. The wild dogs' prey could likely pick up their scent from a distance, but they wouldn't expect to be attacked by something that reeks like it's already dead.


Photo by Casper Coomans on Unsplash

Of all the quirky characteristics that most dogs exhibit, this has got to be my favorite. So what's with the random burst of energy that sends our dogs running at lightning speeds? The answer is simple - they are happy! It's how they release pent-up energy, and it's only when they are in a good mood. Often bathtime is followed by this hilarious act, and that's because it feels good to move and shake off the excess water and weight.

Leaning/Gently Pawing

Photo by Jack Brind on Unsplash

Dogs who lean are essentially showing their human affection. They may gently paw to request affection back. How wholesome! Give that good boy some pets! He deserves it.

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