I'm guessing some people use their Amazon Alexa devices more than others. Most of us are probably familiar with the basics, like "what's the weather" or "tell me a joke," but here are a few of my other favs you can try that you might not be familiar with.

Sometimes when we're sitting at home in our living room I'll say "Alexa," followed by some random thing. A lot of times she replies with something to the effect of "sorry, I don't know about that." Other times we get lucky and hear something funny.

My 11-year-old son immediately found out that Alexa will make fart noises. And not just one. In fact, she's loaded with a multitude of different sounds. (I am NOT including this on my list... just pointing out the fact that you never know what you'll find!)

These are a couple of funny things we've found or have heard about that have given our family a chuckle and you may want to try for yourself.

1.) "Alexa, sing me a song."

2.) "Alexa, speak like Yoda."

3.) "Alexa, self-destruct."

4.) "Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start." (This is great if you grew up with video games in the 80s and 90s.)

5.) "Alexa, where is Chuck Norris?"

6.) "Alexa, how much wood could a woodchuck, chuck?"

7.) "Alexa, what the five greatest words in the English language?"

8.) "Alexa, pick a number between 1 and 10." (We use this when we're fighting over who gets the last of something, or whose turn it is to clear the dishes from the table.)

9.) "Alexa, tell me a love story."

10.) "Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson." (THIS IS FOR MOM AND DAD ONLY. There is a clean or explicit version, but if you want to spice up your Alexa experience it's a lot of fun.)

Lastly, remember you can listen to Y105 through your Amazon Alexa. Just ask Alexa to "enable the Y105 skill," and then ask her to "play Y105."


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