I like to think I'm a fairly tech-friendly cat -- I can Photoshop with the best of them, I can put a hard drive in my computer, I know the difference between MP3 and WAV and FLAC and the whole bit.  That said, I haven't spent much time learning how to video...but now I feel like I'd better step up my game.

Pretty well done video, right?  The whole thing was shot and edited by my buddy's 10 year old son.  His name is Brooks and since he's been off school because of COVID-19, he's gotten really into trains and trucks, and has taught himself how to shoot and edit video and post his movies on YouTube.

Allow me to repeat: he's Ten. Years. Old.

When I was 10, I didn't always write with the correct end of the pencil, and here's this little man going out (always with his dad, don't worry!) and making entire videos. If you wanna check out more of Brooks' work (or even add some encouragement by subscribing to his channel), his page is called World Wide of Trains and Trucks.

Nicely done, Brooks!

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