1995 was a pretty good year for Tom Hanks. He had just won his 2nd Academy Award for his roll in "Forrest Gump" and had the number one movie with "Apollo 13."

I saw an interview with Tom recently as he recounted his experience with Covid-19.

"Dang," I said to myself, "he's looking old!"

It then occurred to me that I was probably starting to look a little bit old, too! I remember seeing "Apollo 13" right before I started at the radio station.

I stopped by our Business Manager's office and asked Sherry if she remembered the date of my first day at the radio station.

She pulled out a file and told me it was Saturday, September 23rd, 1995.

That's right. Wednesday will be my 25th anniversary in radio! Where does the time go?!?!

She asked me what I was going to do to celebrate the milestone and I told her I have no idea.

She suggested calling some of the former employees I worked with on the air, like Danny, Rachel, Aaron and Bruce.

I thought maybe I could do a morning show sprinkled with some of my favorite tunes from 1995.

I don't know.... just like my birthday every year... it's just another day.

Do you have any suggestions how I should celebrate 25 years behind the microphone? Shoot me a message or hit me up on our mobile app.

~Chris Farber

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