Leave it to HyunA, Lady in Red, to keep South Korea thoroughly scandalized.

Today, the former 4minute member-turned-solo superstar launched her latest K-Pop takeover in the form of a threesome — literally, but more on that later.

Triple H is a sub-unit, consisting of HyunA and her Cube Entertainment labelmates Hui and E'Dawn of boy band Pentagon.

The group dropped their debut mini-album 199X today (May 1), complete with the music video for title track "365 Fresh," a bouncy burst of funky energy instantly recalling Bruno Mars' "24K Magic" and Prince.

But while the music might sound similar, Bruno definitely didn't dabble in anything even close to this troupe's bloody, Bonnie & Clyde-esque concept with his accompanying music video.

The stylishly shot "365 Fresh" visual contrasts sharply with the bubblier stuff of popular K-Pop acts of the moment like Twice, thanks to a gritty narrative that revolves around the three members joining forces in a free-for-all us-against-the-world spree of theft, cop car crashes, violent fist fights — even an implied ménage à trois between the members (!) — all leading up to a rather, uh, dark ending.

HyunA's already proven controversial with her sexual persona in the past, and she's certainly not giving it a rest with her new pals in Triple H, upping the ante with some unapologetic hell raising, and further establishing herself as one of K-Pop's most prominent rebels.

The "365 Fresh" video's unsurprisingly garnered plenty of heat from scandalized viewers already, with some commenters suggesting that the clip glamorizes the bad behavior and recklessness featured throughout. Others insist that HyunA and company are allowed to tell a less-than-squeaky-clean tale with their music.

Whether the concept is actually harmful for public consumption is up for debate, but one thing seems to be a pretty objective truth: it sure is fresh.

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