Last week during the morning show Chris and I discussed the Potato Hotel in Idaho, which got me wondering what other sort of interesting Airbnb rentals I could find. Turns out there are quite a few unique finds right here in the midwest. I've compiled some of my favorites just for you.

Pirate Ship Adventure Cabin


Okay, I can't get over how cool this one is. Have you ever had the urge to pretend to be a pirate for the evening? If so, I've found the PERFECT place for you. Check out this Pirate Ship Cabin located in Lyndon Station, WI, near the Dells. It goes for $173 a night and can sleep 6 guests. It even has a fun play area for the kiddos. The only downside I can see is that the bathhouse is a bit of a walk from the cabin, but I personally wouldn't mind that for a night or two.



Authentic Grain Bin


Have you ever thought about staying in a grain bin? I know I sure haven't, but I've got to say, I'm pretty impressed by this cute rental located in Fayette, IA. You can book it for $130 a night and it comes equipped with two full-size beds, a comfy living space, bathroom with 3'x5' shower, and a kitchenette.



Adventure Fort


Located in Morgantown, Indiana you can have a stay in an 1860s pioneer fort replica for $197 a night. You know, in case you want to feel like a cowboy for the weekend. The Fort Escape currently has 1 bedroom with 1 queen-size bed and includes a master bedroom balcony, a wood-fired outdoor shower and tub, and a fully outfitted cowboy kitchen and barbecue.



Expansive Tree House


Sitting 18 feet in the air in South Sioux City, Nebraska is an incredible tree house up for rent for $168 a night. This space has 1 bedroom and a half bath. It was designed to help visitors disconnect from the daily stresses of the outside world and instead reconnect with each other. Guests have access to all the grounds on the acreage and a private shower inside the greenhouse.



Manor Master Chamber


This unique manor, located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, was built in 1883 and was voted the most mysterious house in Saint Paul by the Pioneer Press. Just based off the pictures we can see why! The host offers a private room for $105 a night. The room has an attached master bath and in-suite laundry. There is a queen-sized bed, along with an airbed and extra linens for an additional 2 people. Be aware, the friendly pet Doberman, Scorch, may introduce himself to you! Also be sure to check out the large courtyard with a fire pit and picnic area! Looking for a little mystery? Look no further.



If you are looking for an interesting weekend getaway check out some of these spots, and if you've ever stayed in a unique or interesting rental we would love to hear about your experience! Send us a message.



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